72 Rainy Hours in Chicago

72 Rainy Hours in Chicago

You Can't Go Home Again, Or Can You?

April 29 - May 2, 2017

Even though I consider myself a New Yorker today (having lived here with a 3 year stint in Philly since 2005), Chicago was my first hometown. But even though I grew up in Chicago (suburbs), I was always too young to really know the city. Since my family moved away years ago, I hadn't been back, except in 2011 for Lollapalooza, and I hadn't gotten a chance to really explore and shoot this city I once called home.

So when Diana and I were talking about cities for a quick weekend getaway, Chicago was near the top of the list. However, the weather wasn't nearly as eager - as we were only treated to a few blissful non-rain-soaked hours out of our three days there.

So what's one to do when it's pouring out? Eat and drink, of course! Needless to say, we spent a lot of time hopping from coffee shop to (somewhat boozy) brunch spot to coffee shop again, with a few museums and sights thrown in. And the one morning we woke up to a hint of sunlight, we rushed out to beat the crowds at The Bean Cloud Gate.

So I'm going to divide my photos into those three categories: coffee and brunch, museums, and sights. Hope you enjoy!

Coffee and Brunch

Pictured below: Sawada Coffee, Heritage Bicycles, The Allis at Soho House, Harvest Juicery, Cafe Integral.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Fun fact: the infamous spiral staircase at The Art Institute of Chicago has moved to another wing of the museum. So with none of us having the smarts to look at a map, we proceeded to wander aimlessly around the museum on a quest to find that staircase, stumbling across some cool things along the way.

Willis Tower and Cloud Gate

No matter what, it'll always be the Sears Tower and The Bean to me. 

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